The History of Louis Erard

85 Years of Mechanical Horology

Relaunched thirteen years ago, the brand is full of youthful energy. In-house complications, expertise driven by innovation, resolutely contemporary designs, undeniably masculine but also deliciously feminine collections, and price tags that couldn't be more reasonable; our watches are more than ever part of the zeitgeist, as the 200,000 aficionados who have already fallen for a Louis Erard timepiece will confirm. They are our finest ambassadors.

The Secret of a Success Story

Pure lines, elegance with classic and trendy touches, and above all a love of fine workmanship in harmony with the finest Swiss traditions. Louis Erard creates mechanical timepieces because they are vibrantly alive and serve as a reminder that time cannot be recaptured. The watch is more than a machine : the owner can feel it as it turns and occasionally stops. Before being put back on the wrist, it must be observed, touched and restarted – thus creating an authentic and constantly reinvented ritual.

Our philosophy, Your advantages

We believe that great brands aren’t just about big marketing campaigns and huge production capacities, it’s about passion, dedication and transparency too. We rather invest in (y)our watches and reach unmatched levels of quality, content and finish in our price category. Because at the end of the day, it's all about you, not about us!

Key Dates


For our 85th anniversary, we revisit the Héritage collection, making it more in tune with the times.


We reach the milestone of 200,000 watches produced in Le Noirmont.


We celebrate 80 years of mechanical watchmaking. The Excellence collection, specially created for this anniversary, reflects more clearly than ever our identity.


We launch our first in-house module developed in collaboration with Soprod: a new milestone on the path towards "Haute Horlogerie" at affordable prices.


The brand is bought by Swiss private investors and is entering the 21st century with a new energy and vision.


The company is relocated to Le Noirmont in the Swiss Jura.

1942 - 1980

Next to producing our own watches, one of our activity is casing for other renowned Swiss watch companies.


The company is growing internationally and employes a staggering 60 people.


The first watches are produced under the Louis Erard brand name.


The Louis Erard company is founded in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland under the corporate name of "Louis Erard & André Perret".


Mr. Louis Erard, our founder, is born on 16 February.